A word from our Cidermaker

Merophy Hyslop - Cider Maker

Not long after Cider Maker Merophy Hyslop finished her winemaking course and was flat out working in a winery, her Dad, eyeing a bumper apple crop on his 100-tree ‘hobby orchard’ suggested she do something with them.

With a gleam in her eye, polished by travels to the cider gurus in England and France, Merophy rolled up her sleeves and did the obvious. She made cider. Merophy’s cider became a much-anticipated annual event, planned and plotted as soon as her Dad’s apples even looked like ripening.

Eventually the pull of cider was too great, and Merophy left the winery, dropped her CV into Old Mout and set off again to France to learn more.

Old Mout, recognising a fellow cider fanatic from a mile away, called her back and offered her the job of refining and developing the Old Mout Cider range. So that’s just what she does to this day.

And she can still put her winemaking skills to very good use as well, blending boysenberry wine into Boysencider, and feijoa wine into Feijoa & cider.

“I just love apples, they’re so old, humble and yummy and it’s really exciting to turn them into something so absolutely delicious.” Merophy Hyslop, Old Mout Cider Maker.