Pear Scrumpy

Old Mout Classic Pear Scrumpy CiderPear Scrumpy was born when our expert cidermakers hit upon the clever notion of creating a robust cider from ripe eating pears, with a full, well rounded taste.

Clear , pale straw.

A rich aroma of freshly sliced, tree-ripened pear.

A big palate of “in your face” succulent ripe pear. Medium sweetness with an enticing balance of flavours. Great depth of flavour, with a long finish. A pear cider with big personality.

Alcohol %

1.25L clear PET bottle

To Serve
Chill, add ice (if you fancy), and enjoy responsibly.

Give it a go with some blue cheese or a slice of hard cheddar.
It also goes down nicely with strong flavours of honey, walnuts
and ginger, so try it with Thai/Asian dishes.