Passionfruit & Cider

Passion CiderPassionfruit & Cider mixes refreshing apple cider with luscious passionfruit wine, to remind you of balmy, far-flung places.

Soft gold with a soft summer haze.

Ripe passionfruit takes bold strides forward, but is then joined by sweet, tangy tangelo and just a suggestion of wild flowers.

Endless summer abounds, due to the fine sweet and sour balance in the flighty passionfruit, which is ably supported
by the well-rounded apple.

Alcohol %

500ml clear glass bottle, crown seal, 6 pack
1.25L clear PET bottle
30L Keg

To Serve
Chill, add ice (if you fancy), and enjoy responsibly.

Enjoy with chilli prawns, chicken salad with crispy noodles,
and all manner of summery foods you’d sit on a picnic rug to eat.