Old Mout BoysenciderBoysencider is the ingenious union of ripe apple cider and velvety boysenberry wine – transformed by our cidermakers into a thing of wonder.

Bright translucent red

A summery burst of berries with a wee hint of cherry.

Fresh strawberry characters where boysenberry meets apple, mellowing into some lingering residual sugars. Refreshing rather than overly sweet, like the zing of berry sorbet.

Alcohol %

500ml clear glass bottle, crown seal, 6 pack
1.25L clear PET bottle
30L Keg

To Serve
Chill, add ice (if you fancy), and enjoy responsibly.

Top off a great meal by trying it with a nice melty brie,
creamy blue cheese, or fresh fruit. If you’d like to get a bit fancy,
marinate strawberries in Boysencider and serve over ice cream,
or in crepes with vanilla custard.