• Boysencider
  • Feijoa & Cider
  • Cranberry & Cider
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pear Scrumpy
  • Scrumpy
  • Classic Apple

Made from sun-ripened fruit picked at it’s best.

You’ve arrived at the bit where we tell you all about our pretty good Old Mout Ciders. There’s some not-too-fancy talk about what each one looks, smells and tastes like. You’ll also find a few handy suggestions about what to eat while you’re enjoying our ciders – there’s even a recipe or two thrown in.

To get the most out of your Old Mout Cider, just remember to chill, add ice (if you’re fancy), and enjoy responsibly. And if you dream up some clever ways to enjoy Old Mout Cider, drop us a line, or put it up on our Facebook page.


Boysencider is the ingenious union of ripe apple cider and velvety boysenberry wine – transformed by our cidermakers into a thing of wonder.

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Feijoa & Cider

Feijoa & Cider is the fruitful marriage that joined our top-notch apple cider and zingy feijoa wine – creating an aromatic drop that really puts the aahhh in

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Cranberry & Cider

Cranberry & Cider is the lucky result of a get together between two very fine drops – our lively apple cider and a slightly tart cranberry wine. It just might be love.

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Passionfruit & Cider

Passionfruit & Cider mixes refreshing apple cider with luscious passionfruit wine, to remind you of balmy, far-flung places.

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Pear Scrumpy

Pear Scrumpy was born when our expert cidermakers hit upon the clever notion of creating a robust cider from ripe eating pears, with a full, well rounded taste.

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Scrumpy is our own, somewhat sparkling take on the traditional English style, with a gutsy apple flavour, to seriously satisfy a solid thirst.

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Classic Apple

Classic apple is our original recipe – a crisp, refreshing cider given just the right bite by our cidermakers, to relish when you get a hankering for the good stuff.

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