Nelson-based cidermakers, Old Mout Cider, continue to show off their wit and charm (not to mention modesty) and are proud to help Kiwis have a laugh as the official Gold Sponsor of the NZ International Comedy Festival in 2014.

 The season is kicking off earlier than usual with presale tickets for the Festival’s biggest shows going on sale last week. These are the Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala (Auckland) on 24 April, 2014 and Old Mout Cider First Laughs (Wellington) 27 April, 2014.

 The Festival’s branding, ‘NZ International Comedy Festival in cahoots with Old Mout Cider’ – is a clever reflection of the brand’s integrated association and fantastic brand fit, doing things a bit differently with a spot of fun.  The two signature shows which celebrate the launch of the Festival are proudly titled the Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala and Old Mout Cider First Laughs and fans will be able to enjoy a nice cold Old Mout Cider at the shows. TV3 will also be filming the Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala for a two-hour TV special broadcast during the Festival, taking the Old Mout Cider brand out to the nationwide audience in prime time viewing.

 Old Mout Cider has been making the good stuff since 1947 in Nelson’s Redwood Valley, It’s a cider that’s all about getting groups together to share in the good times and with its dry, witty personality it is the perfect fit with comedy.

 As Kate Johnston, Old Mout Cider Brand Manager explains “We’ve been around for ages and have built a great personality for our brand. With the huge growth we’re seeing within the cider category, the timing couldn’t be better to align ourselves with a large scale iconic New Zealand property. Comedy in New Zealand has rapidly gained in popularity over the last few years, and so has the consumers’ preference for cider – so we saw this as a great alignment for our brand.”

 Old Mout Cider is the number one cider in the cider market in NZ and is on track to continue this leadership in 2014.


For more information or to sample a drop of Old Mout Cider please contact:

Kate Johnston at Kate@redwoodcider.co.nz

+ 64 21-513-320


About Old Mout Cider

Making fruit more useful since 1947, Old Mout (rhymes with fruit) Cider is cider for cider lovers. Proudly produced by Redwood Cider Co. in Nelson, our dedicated cidery and expert cider makers use local sun-ripened fruit to make Australasia’s most-awarded cider. Ranked as one of the top three selling cider brands in the country, Old Mout Cider products are available throughout New Zealand with pride of place in the beverage section of major supermarkets, liquor stores and in a selection of bars, restaurants and cafes nationwide.

 Why is it called Old Mout Cider?

The name ‘Old Mout’ comes from Nelson’s apple-chocka Moutere Valley – where our founders began making pretty good things from apples in 1947.  The Old Mout label was originally attached to a fortified apple wine ‘rocket fuel’ (23%) made back in the good old apple-season days – the tipple behind much autumnal naughtiness.

Visit us at oldmoutcider.com, Facebook or Twitter / oldmoutcider


…an alternative contact for you:

Simon Smith at


+64 27-667-6664

 Visit us at oldmoutcider.com, Facebook or Twitter / oldmoutcider

Also, for more information on the NZ International Comedy Festival in cahoots with Old Mout Cider visit http://www.comedyfestival.co.nz

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