Cider Lovers Club

It seems we’re not alone in our love of cider … so we thought we’d make it official and start a Cider Lovers Club.

And it’s a good one, because there’s no secret knock or special handshake.

Apart from regular chances to win a case of Old Mout Cider’s finest, members are the first to know about cider specials, plus they get Old Mout Cider news straight from the cidery, delicious recipes, and invitations to exclusive tastings.

It’s even tastier when it’s free
Once you’re a member – register your event here, or via the link on the left if you’d like to go in the draw for a free case of Old Mout Cider.

We’re always up for a chinwag too, so come and say hello on Facebook or Twitter.

Sign up for the Cider Lovers Club: